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Bugs Bunny and his girlfriend Honey Bunny

The World of Honey Bunny, a girlfriend of Bugs Bunny

Questions, answers, myths, facts and curiosities about Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny, Bugs Bunny's girlfriend - different versions of this character (click to zoom)
Different versions of Honey Bunny that appeared through the years (click to zoom)

Why does Honey Bunny look like Bugs Bunny’s twin sister?

Originally Honey Bunny looked much different, in comic stories she was yellow with blonde hair and looked much like today’s Lola Bunny. However, along with this comic version of our girl bunny there appeared at least three other versions that differed much in terms of visual appearance and they were used in merchandise and live shows.

In 1980 artists working for Warner Bros. decided to copy Disney’s idea that a girlfriend of a furry character should look like his twin sister and that’s why they redesigned Honey Bunny to a more ‘Bugs-like’ version (nowadays this is the best known version of this character and hardly anybody knows yellow Honey from comics).

Since then, in merchandise, live shows and TV commercials this new gray version of Honey Bunny was used, however, in comic stories old yellow version of Honey Bunny was still appearing.

Making Honey Bunny’s visual appearance closer to Bugs Bunny was a big mistake. Artists seemed to forget that in cartoons Bugs Bunny cross-dressed many times, very often putting female clothes on. Of course, Honey Bunny did have some female features like more female silhouette, smaller cheeks, bigger and rounder eyes, etc. However, most artists making pictures used in merchandise were just lazy to such extent that they just re-drew Bugs Bunny and added him eyelashes and bow. Many fans, seeing this ‘new’ Honey Bunny, misidentified her with Bugs Bunny.

Honey Bunny, Lola Bunny, Looney Tunes

Are Honey Bunny and Lola Bunny related?

Yes! Lola Bunny is based on comic version of Honey Bunny and de facto she is an updated version of her.

Left: Bewitched Bunny, right: Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet
Left: scene from Bewitched Bunny, right: screenshot from Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet"

Did Honey Bunny appear in ‘Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet’?

‘Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet’ is an animated television special produced by Warner Bros. in 1979 on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day. It is a compilation of few cartoons connected with new scenes with Looney Tunes characters. In the ending scene, a girl bunny to some extend resembling Honey Bunny enters Doctor Bugs’ room and they start a dialogue which looks like the beginning of a porno...

Girl bunny: Hey, big boy. Lately, I just can't seem to stop eating. Something is missing from my life - something I must be substituting for. By any chance, could you show me what that might be?
Bugs: Hey, uh, could we have a discreet fade to black, please? After all, for this show we need an ending with good taste!

Unfortunately, the most probable is that the girl bunny who appears in the ending scene in ‘Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet’ is not Honey Bunny. The character looks rather like Witch Hazel who magically turned herself into a girl bunny. Compare with the ending scene in ‘Bewitched Bunny’ (1954).

Honey Bunny sketch
A Honey Bunny sketch by Robert McKimson from late 1960's

Some sketches done by Robert McKimson suggest that at least one animated short with Honey Bunny was planned.

Honey Bunny variant in Tiny Toon Adventures?
Honey Bunny variant in Tiny Toon Adventures?

In Tiny Toon Adventures, in the episode titled ‘The Looney Beginning’ there appears Bugs Bunny’s masseuse that can be a variant of gray Honey Bunny.

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