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The World of Honey Bunny, a girlfriend of Bugs Bunny

(added: 2013-01-20 02:42:56)

NewsHi! How did your New Year's Eve pass? The End of The World didn't happen so I think I can let you know what new recently appeared on my website :)

Of course, most new things you'll find in my gallery. Recently I've uploaded there over 20 new pictures, including photos of collectibles I've appeared in, and a new desktop wallpaper!

I've also added a new article Questions, answers, myths, facts and curiosities in which you'll find interesting information about me and other Looney Tunes characters. This article will sometimes be updated with new things, so stay tooned! ;-)

And now some curiosity. Did you know that during the last month my fanpage on Facebook has got over 800 new likes? An interesting thing is that most of these new fans come from India. Looks like they like bunnies :D
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  • Kool-Aid commercial (02)

    A Mexican Kool-Aid commercial from 1980's. Honey Bunny appears in 0:16, naturally, accompanied by Bugs Bunny
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