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In this topic I'll post any interesting quotes and/or information about Honey Bunny I'll find anywhere.


Both model sheets mentioned in the following quotation are available here: ... 1140657961

Regarding Honey Bunny:

This is an example of how characters change and/or are updated.

Fifteen or twenty years ago, as I recall, Sam Clark of Warner Bros. (who has since retired) had some drawings of Honey Bunny (Exhibit A). He evidently got them from the cartoon studio but no one seems to know if she was ever used in a cartoon or not. Anyway, we thought we would try to work her into some comics -- but she looked too outdated in her bare top and skirt (her attire, or lack of it, suggested a South Sea Island rather than life in the city with Bugs, Porky, etc.). I redesigned her (Exhibit B) and we have used her infrequently over the years.

The drawing of Honey Bunny on the stat (sic) that Jane Sosa put together was evidently done by a New York artist from Exhibit B.

This note is from Del Connell, editor and artist at Western Publishing

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Another interesting quote.

In later years, the comic books introduced a girlfriend for Bugs, Honey Bunny, but she was so unmemorable that even the Warner staff couldn't establish a definite personality for her.

'Cartoon superstars'
John Cawley, Jim Korkis
Pioneer Books, 1990

Maybe Honey Bunny would be more memorable if Warner staff used only one instead of at least five or six different versions of her (see Honey's biography part 3 for more information). Plus, an appearance in some animated shorts could increase her memorability, however, as we know, they were no longer making Bugs Bunny shorts...

Personality? She already had an established personality in comic stories (looks like authors of this book didn't even read them).

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:45 pm 
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Now an interesting quote from an old discussion group alt.animation.warner-bros. What did Robert Guthrie, an author of a model sheet of Lola Bunny, thought about Honey Bunny?

(Leloni Bunny) wrote:
> Heyya folks.
> Quick question: I've heard and sort of seen that before Space Jam,
> Bugs was in the company of another female rabbit. Honey Bunny wasn't
> she? Anyway, my question is: anyone have any pictures of how she
> looked BEFORE WB decided that a basic Bugs Bunny wannabe in female
> form would be a good idea?
Forget Honey Bunny,... This character was a ill devised way to add a
female companion for Bugs by then Warner Bros. fleeting Consumer Products
Department. The earliest modelsheet of "her" i have seen, places "it"
around 1967. WBSS ocassionally still uses the character, even when they
have the ready available Lola Bunny (Spacejam), or Daisy Lou (A product
of the freleng team at the time). The "why" is unknown. (Unofficially,
everybody in WBCP, including Higuer echelon personnel, have always
consider Honey as just Bugs in drag ).


Honey Bunny was never used in any animated form, tv or feature wise.
Appearences have been either product wise ( As latest as one appereance
on the latest WBSS catalog ), or in comic book format.

Design consisted generally of two types ( Which i'm looking at rigth
at this moment, Eeeew!. ):

A) The blatanly "Bugs in Drag" design. Take one Bugs, same proportions
in height to "male" counterpart", add eyelashes, bow ( At the base of
the ears ), very minimun curves, add dress.

B) The "Flat as a board" design. 1/2 a head smaller, add eyelashes, "comb
over" ears ( Take right ear, flatten towards left against skull, repeat
with opposite side ), tied on top ( With or without bow ). No curves. Add

IMHO, a butt ugly design.

Robert Guthrie
WBCP, Creative Services, Burbank

Obviously he isn't a fan of Honey (at least in her 'extremely Bugs-like' versions, an interesting thing is that in no post he is referring to the original yellow version of our girl bunny). And here's what he wrote in

As a matter of animation trivia,with the exception of two mechanical
female rabbits,one
islander bunny,and a pletora of minor background support characters,there was an
misguide,horrible experiment by the 1960's WBCP to provide "Bugs Bunny"(tm)
with a female counterpart...The end result was called "Honey
Bunny"(tm),...We use
her modelsheets as reference to what NOT to draw.

End of info.

Robert Guthrie

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